Kris Gethin's Muscle-Building 12-Week Trainer

Over the course of 15 years of working with some of the world's best experts, Kris Gethin synthesized their techniques into the ultimate plan for building an extreme amount of size in 12 weeks. Kris tested the program on himself and gained an astonishing 20 pounds. Now it's your turn.

12 Week(s)
Fitness Level
Build muscle
Workouts Per Week
5 workouts
Equipment Needed
Full Gym

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Tear Yourself Down

Rebuild Yourself Stronger Than Ever

5 workouts per week / 60 min. workouts

Your mission is to annihilate the old you and stimulate all the mechanisms that will grow the new you. Type 1, type 2a, type 2b—no muscle fiber will be spared. Day by grueling day, you'll exhaust each of your body's energy systems, leaving you with the only energy source that truly matters: your will. What you know about concepts like training intensity and volume will be challenged, cast aside, and redefined.

More than a workout plan. With this plan you also receive:

Expert Instruction

Train, travel, and grow with Gethin.

Kris Gethin inflicted this plan on himself while living in India. Prepare yourself for 84 daily videos, epic workouts, and Gethin at his most intense and personal as you follow him into the gym and through the streets of Mumbai.

Nutrition and Supplement Plan

Calculated gains

Fuel your fitness every day with a timeless Kris Gethin nutrition plan built on ample protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, clearly laid out in an in-depth guide and video feature. Eat clean, eat big, and grow like crazy!

Meet the Coach

Kris Gethin

Kris is a writer and photographer, and periodically provides with articles and pictorial features.

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