The Blueprint to Mass

To fully understand bodybuilding, you need to experience the roots of the sport in the gym. This is your map to an iron mind, epic physique, and an incredible legacy. Follow in the footsteps of the world's greatest bodybuilders with this old-school gains plan!

8 Week(s)
Fitness Level
Build muscle
Workouts Per Week
6 workouts
Equipment Needed
Full Gym

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The Ultimate Golden Age Training Plan

Train Like the All-Time Greats

6 workouts per week / 90-min. workouts

Before fitness hit the mainstream, back in the 60s and 70s, bodybuilding's Golden Age legends camped out in bare-bones gyms, pumping out set after set of bread-and-butter barbell and dumbbell moves, and flexing in the mirror to ensure symmetry. It worked for them, and it'll work for you, too!

More than a workout plan. With this plan you also receive:

Expert Instruction

8 weeks of classic training

Six days a week, you'll follow a time-tested body-part split with specific, strategic rep-scheme protocols combining high and low reps for maximum effect. Each exercise includes a video demonstrating proper form. No guessing—just gaining!

Workout Tracking

Log your progress

Meticulously logging progress in notebooks helped the godfathers of gains learn what worked best for their individual bodies. That's why workout tracking is fully integrated into the BodyFit app, so you can log every set and rep to quantify your gains. The app even times your rest periods.

Go Mobile!

You’ll be able to track your workouts, nail your nutrition plan, stock up on supps, and get fit on the go.

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